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Hello (Updated: 22 March 2015)

31st August 2028 (23:40)

About Me: I word-barfed on my profile page about me. Go here. ヽ(´ー`)┌

Friending/Saying Hi : I don't make a habit of friending those I have never spoken to, so please drop me a comment to this post instead of sending an out-of-the-blue friend request. As of 2014, I have made all of my entries on this journal f-locked. Fics are hosted on a separate account, so they're not affected. :D If I no longer interest you, please feel free to defriend me; I enjoyed the times we spoke/spazzed over fandoms together. You have my sincerest well wishes and all the best for everything that you do in the future. ♥

Writing: Everything I've ever written and posted has been archived in featheredcraft. Nothing is f-locked, so if you're only curious about my fanwork, that's your place. It's pretty quiet around there since most of the original posts were done in comms itself. Feel free to go over there and spazz, I make trips over there to mingle with the visitors.

Fandoms I've been in-touch with recently: Saiyuki, Wild Adapter, Naruto,

Current Status: Preoccupied with various RL things. Fandom has taken a backseat, but I'm always happy to have a good chat now and then.

Cheers, loves!

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