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Hello (Updated: 22 March 2015)

31st August 2028 (23:40)

About Me: I word-barfed on my profile page about me. Go here. ヽ(´ー`)┌

Friending/Saying Hi : I don't make a habit of friending those I have never spoken to, so please drop me a comment to this post instead of sending an out-of-the-blue friend request. As of 2014, I have made all of my entries on this journal f-locked. Fics are hosted on a separate account, so they're not affected. :D If I no longer interest you, please feel free to defriend me; I enjoyed the times we spoke/spazzed over fandoms together. You have my sincerest well wishes and all the best for everything that you do in the future. ♥

Writing: Everything I've ever written and posted has been archived in featheredcraft. Nothing is f-locked, so if you're only curious about my fanwork, that's your place. It's pretty quiet around there since most of the original posts were done in comms itself. Feel free to go over there and spazz, I make trips over there to mingle with the visitors.

Fandoms I've been in-touch with recently: Saiyuki, Wild Adapter, Naruto,

Current Status: Preoccupied with various RL things. Fandom has taken a backseat, but I'm always happy to have a good chat now and then.

Cheers, loves!


Posted by: ((Anonymous))
Posted at: 11th April 2009 21:49 (UTC)
It's me <3

OMG. OMGGGGGGGG. I just got home, and you won't believe it; I had to dig out my computer from the piles and piles of shit I had on the table. I don't want to pack the room. I don't want to unpack the crap loads of rubbish I brought back to the room. I don't want to be IN the room, period. I think I'll sleep on the corridor tonight. D:

Where are you when I need you??

Do you think you can talk tomorrow night? As in, your night, because I don't have the privilege to be in the same continent as you anymore. DDD: Mm, like, say, my 10am, which is your 5pm (daylight saving crap) or my 11am; your 6pm, or my 12pm; your- you get my point. How about you send me 1 text. 1. That I won't reply to, but will follow to a tee unless otherwise stated in the email I will send you should plans change. Sorry if I'm not coherent at the moment. I'm SO tired. I really shouldn't be posting this here, but you know what? kfjghkjg.

Delete this if you will~ <3 BUT DON'T IGNORE IT OR I'LL NEVER SEND YOU SUGARCOAT. And P and P. Just to be vindictive, you understand. <3333333

Posted by: Jing :.靜.: (featheredtips)
Posted at: 12th April 2009 09:34 (UTC)
Re: It's me <3

Gensui. YOU-


Sugar coat?? NoooOOooo, you can't do this to me! D: I donch ignores yuu? I plway wif yuu?

And clean your room, you slob D< OMG. I'm telling you, if you don't, I'll never visit you there. Because. I WON'T HAVE ANY SPACE TO INFRINGE ON IF I DO.

Posted by: ((Anonymous))
Posted at: 12th April 2009 15:45 (UTC)
Re: It's me <3

Yes, but it's not my fault, my dear. I don't have the er, time or strength to clean all this up. Even as I'm chatting to you online, I'm woeing over the fact that I don't have table space to lean my elbows on.


Play with me? Very good. Now start by getting my mahjong tiles, please <3

Posted by: Jing :.靜.: (featheredtips)
Posted at: 12th April 2009 16:24 (UTC)
Re: It's me <3

You mean you don't have the attention span (stop putting books all over your room, it's distracting for you, you bookworm) or the resolve to clean your room up =_=

D: GET THE TILES YOURSELF D< I'm too far away to do it. (Or you could sabo your male/female ikkou to do it.)

Posted by: ((Anonymous))
Posted at: 13th April 2009 05:35 (UTC)
Re: It's me <3

OMG. I just woke up with a dent lodged into my back because I left Hong Lou Meng on the bed when I fell asleep. D: I'm still amazed that I didn't wake up, it now hurts like...well, something real painful. And I went to bed at 8pm yesterday, so now I'm wide awake and trying to finish that cat school fic. D: It's not working, I can almost promise you that.

Should I create an account, just so I can stop replying you anonymous? But I don't fic online and the like. D:

My room is marginally neater, if only because I pushed things away from the center of the floor so I can spread a sleeping bag to read on. Or in case of emergencies. You never know.

Tiles~ We can play 1-1 again like that time. :D That was good fun, it was. Bring me tiles, please~? <3

Posted by: Jing :.靜.: (featheredtips)
Posted at: 13th April 2009 06:32 (UTC)
Re: It's me <3
Hakkai- Lost for Words

ahlasdfjhadf You loser =_= Hong Lou Meng is NOT meant for sleeping on (by the way, I've never even tried reading that, because apparently, it's a tragedy. Saddddd tragedy thing, and my weak romantic little heart (ah har har) won't be able to stand it.)

Don't you already have an account? By the way, there's an account on LJ that goes by your blog url that I stumbled upon because I sucker and went and typed .livejournal instead of .blogspot. If that account is yours, use it, you sod, it'll be easier for you to track the replies to your comments. If it's not, pretend I didn't say anything and bribe it off the person or something XD (And if it's by someone else =_= I can't believe how two people can hate rabbits so much. You two are fucking creepy D:)

... THAT IS NOT THE WAY TO CLEAR YOUR ROOM, GENSUI. DX Don't just PUSH things aside! D: TRASH THEM, or, or, or, like, I don't know. Shelve them?

You send me a 'there and back again' air ticket. And I'll bring your tiles over. And possibly help you clean up your pigsty of a room. You have no idea how much I feel like the darling Taisho right now. Like, D: worthy. </3

Posted by: monomania_city (monomania_city)
Posted at: 13th April 2009 06:44 (UTC)
Re: It's me <3
The Demon: He Creeps.

(: I decided to just create a new one. Yes, that's me. But just to satisfy another extremely whiny friend who wouldn't leave me be till I created an account. I did. But she didn't say anything about using it. (:

Are you online NOW? !!!

Posted by: elsane (elsane)
Posted at: 11th April 2009 23:47 (UTC)

hey, you seem pretty cool, and I'd love to have another Saiyuki fan on my flist. Mind if I add you?

Posted by: Jing :.靜.: (featheredtips)
Posted at: 12th April 2009 09:29 (UTC)
Kenren- Who loves ya baby?

<3 Yo~ Ahaha, sure, I'll add you right now. I'll say first that: my journal's being a piss-ass crackhead at the moment and, err, I have no idea what I bloody did to it, but it's being horrible and not showing my entries up on other people's f-lists. So, ahahaha, if I update my journal, I'm guessing it won't show on yours either because LJ is being mean to me D: So. I'll add you, and it's going to be a "I SEE YUU~~ BUT. YOU CAN'T SEE MEEEE~~~" stalker feel to it. <3

Cyber space is such a wonderful place~

Posted by: Jing :.靜.: (featheredtips)
Posted at: 12th April 2009 16:10 (UTC)

Edit: It appears that my f-list is working. Somewhat. Hopefully it'll last <3

Posted by: elsane (elsane)
Posted at: 14th April 2009 02:15 (UTC)

hey, hi, finally got some time to log in again. (you'll probably notice I'm not around a lot of the time -- work and everything, you know.)

I don't think I've read the chapters about the Iron Fan Princess! should somebody fic them for saiyuki ( *pokes* ) I would certainly have to do my homework (:

Posted by: Jing :.靜.: (featheredtips)
Posted at: 14th April 2009 15:29 (UTC)

Hey~ <3 Yeah, I've realised you use your journal for quite a bit of SRZ BZNS discussions D: It's scary because mine is largely crack and teenage!wangsty. Ahaha XD Nah, I don't update that often either, but I do come around LJ whenever I can, because I love my journal layout. So I update to preen and marvel at the fact that html has yet to kill me. (:

Ahahahahaha, Iron Fan Princess was totally supposed to be Kougaiji's mommy. I wonder what happened. =_= she would have been... hotter than Yaone (I mean, Gyuumaoh looks sodding ugly from what I've seen of him, but lookit Kougaiji go. So it must be the mom... or the wonder of genetics D:)

Ahaha (*POKES BACK SUBTLELY*) Ah, yes, if only someone would write it~~ Mmmm~~~ <3

Posted by: elsane (elsane)
Posted at: 20th April 2009 02:17 (UTC)

SRS BZNS? hee! no, just since I'm not around all that regularly I feel silly posting unless I have something vaguely substantive to say. Everyone uses LJ differently, no worries.

Ah, Iron fan princess is kinda-sorta-Rasetsyunou! Was she sealed in the original JTTW, or was that all Minekura's invention? Gokyumen says something about how Kougaiji resembles his various parents at some point, but now I can't remember exactly what she said. *facepalm*

Hey, dude, I tackled the mpreg chapter! I think it's your turn. ;)

Posted by: Jing :.靜.: (featheredtips)
Posted at: 20th April 2009 10:41 (UTC)
Tenpou- Kinky is An Art

*laughs* Yeah, I guess everyone uses their LJ differently. Mine used to be completely full of teenage angst and how life generally sucked for me? Then I got so horrified of that journal, I abandoned it. Hee. And now, err XD I like this journal a lot, if only to oogle the Gaiden-themed layout XDDD

Mmm, from what I know, Rasetsyunou isn't the Iron Fan Princess. Because despite the iffy character traits which deviate largely from the original JttW, all of Minekura's adaptations keep the original's names. But Rasetsyunou's doesn't translate to Iron Fan Princess, so that makes me wonder somewhat. And besides, it could've been that I've never known the Iron-Fan Princess' maiden name or something, so I won't make hasty conclusions XD

DDDD< I don't dare to write anything that deviates from the original JttW D< I personally thought you chose one of the only fitting scenarios. I can't really think of which other ones to tackle which doesn't create some huge plot hole for me to fall and break my neck on D: We'll see -winks- If I find one that's suitable, it might just be tempting enough to attempt <3

(Deleted comment)
Posted by: Jing :.靜.: (featheredtips)
Posted at: 11th October 2009 11:26 (UTC)

♥ I'm flattered~ both about you liking the way I write and that you should want to lurk in this journal (which, to be fair, hasn't any lurksome-able qualities). :D

I've taken the liberty to add you already :D Abruptly too, at that. So much for practicing what you preach. >D Nice to meet you, and yes, I think we'll take to each other like fish to water. Super Junior happens to be incredibly good bonding material. Err, innuendo not intended. XD

Either way, it's not as if I'm unfamiliar with you. You did say hi, and you did state that you were interested in friending, so you're more than welcome as a friend. ♥ I just get a little peeved when people who've never even talked to me before just add me to their f-lists. I find it a tad bit freaky. D<

\O/ That said, you're safe from that category of sods <3 ♥

-laughs- I actually have quite a couple of Kyumin fics done, apart for some of miracle______'s 100 Suju Fic Challenge prompts -- I never managed to post anything in that comm because you need a masterlist. And my masterlist is... um. Under Construction. -sheepish- -- but I'm too lazy to mess around with the LJ cuts. Particularly since they seem to detest me. Well, the dislike is mutual. -sniffs-

I did check up the winged_suju challenge that you linked me to (I couldn't find the link on the page you directed me to, so I just searched for the comm itself), and I suppose I'll consider it if I'm feeling creative enough. -laughs- The dateline's a month from now, but my major exams are also a month from now. I'll sign up for the heck of it though XD The idea of Suju sprouting wings is hilarious, some how. -grins-

(Deleted comment)
Posted by: Jing :.靜.: (featheredtips)
Posted at: 12th October 2009 06:26 (UTC)
Eunhyuk- Stitch Rawr

-laughs- I'd lurk if I had the time and a laptop of my own that isn't so ancient that a little excitement (like keyboard smashing) would send it to its grave, silly old darling piece of crap technology. In the mean time, it would be interesting if you could provide recs (like what I've been coercing everyone to do, since I can't be bothered to look for fics myself due to time constraints). -nudges-

AHAHA, I don't really give a flying rat's arse what you call me. Suit yourself~ ♥

When I get people adding me to their friends' list and I don't know them well enough, or have spoken to them for a grand total of ONE COMMENT, I tend to ignore them. I can't be bothered with those who can't be bothered enough to give themselves a proper introduction. -shrugs-

ThanKyu (♥)~ It's awesome that you like the way I write, because I like the way I write. Or, at least, I like it until I've let it sit for a month and go back to it in a spate of curiosity, after which I would decide that I'd much rather the piece of writing be anonymous. This happens to be a chronic syndrome with me. D: I usually write fics the way I would like to read something. I write my (err, Lee sooman's) characters the way I'd like to read about them. Writer's prerogative. -snicker- However, I've also got the chronic syndrome of wincing whenever I read what I've written after awhile. I suppose a writer grows that way. You read your past works and you've got this sudden insane determination to improve. D<

To be frank, I only joined the challenge (ahaha. I haven't even signed up, I just snagged the prompts) because I was a little bored, starved for fic written the way I like it to be, and completely reluctant about coming up with prompts for myself (i.e. I'm such a lazy douche-bag). :/

-laughs- I suppose I've already an idea about what I want to write for the winged_suju challenge. Now, it's only a matter of whether or not I'll manage to finish it on time, really.

♥ Friend, friend! <3

Posted by: the synchronicity highway (velshtein)
Posted at: 22nd December 2009 21:35 (UTC)

Hi! We have a few things in common and you seem like an interesting person and I wanted to know if you wanted to be friends?

Posted by: Jing :.靜.: (featheredtips)
Posted at: 23rd December 2009 16:03 (UTC)
Luffy- Hardcore!

-gurgles- You've just given me such a good reason as to why I should update that post more. I've forgotten to chronicle my burning love for Marco/Ace there. alkjsdhlasjhdlkj. RIGHT. I'LL SNAP TO IT.

And, of course, YES TO FRIENDSHIPSOMES. ASDLAJHDLKSJ I've been admiring your journal from afar with my amazing stalker tendencies because of all those AMAZING COMMENTARIES YOU PUT UP ON THE OP MANGA CHAPTERS. ♥

Ah. We have more things in common besides OP? How interesting. This I must see for myself. XD ♥

Posted by: uglyyomithing (uglyyomithing)
Posted at: 1st January 2010 20:55 (UTC)

ADDED. ;O (though I warn you, my journal is mostly inane shit and teenage angst)

Posted by: katem0nster (katem0nster)
Posted at: 2nd July 2011 18:00 (UTC)

I'm unsure how to post this without coming off as too outlandishly...worshipful. But goddammit I will try.

I ventured into your life unsuspectingly through your post in the AceMarco community- (don't remind me that it's dead ; A;) and ryueikfhereiru. I rarely respect other people's writings. I'm so used to sticking it out through shitty fanfiction that when I find contributions as fabulous as yours I back peddle and have to reevaluate my entire life, it seems. :I

I will count this as my 'hello' post. hahaha. oh jeez.

Posted by: Jing :.靜.: (featheredtips)
Posted at: 2nd July 2011 21:07 (UTC)
Sanji- EHHH?!

Hey there. ♥ I was lucky to catch this comment, since I haven't been on very much. *sheepish*

I wouldn't mind friending you (I'm glad you enjoyed the pieces I wrote for Marco/Ace. >D *thrones them* Thank you for reading! I'm flattered you think so highly of it. @_@), but I feel that it would be unreasonable to do so without first letting you know that I'm not very active any more. :)

I do use this journal occasionally for personal things. Sporadically, it becomes a fandom dump for all the shrieksqueeomg@_@s. However, x.x I have a tendency to fandom hop like mad; so I'd advise friending if you're more interested in getting to know me as a person as opposed to wanting to keyboard smash about One Piece with me. XD As a heads up, I haven't followed One Piece in months, and I haven't written fic for anything remotely OP in... years. I don't see myself going back to writing for the OP fandom any time soon either.

Let me know if you're all right with these, and if you are, send a friending request. XD I'll accept it right away. :D ♥ ^^

Posted by: katem0nster (katem0nster)
Posted at: 4th July 2011 04:40 (UTC)

haha no matter!! I feel so late, everyone that I'm coming to adore on livejournal has long abandoned their journals, and I'm just getting into mine!

And I can only sympathize! I'm terribly unloyal with fandoms, as soon as a new one catches my attention.

I'd be glad to still send a request!

Posted by: Jing :.靜.: (featheredtips)
Posted at: 4th July 2011 05:39 (UTC)

It happens that way sometimes. ^^ Hopefully, we'll still have things in common to talk about. :) Friended you back. ♥

Posted by: katem0nster (katem0nster)
Posted at: 24th July 2011 21:17 (UTC)

I was very happy to see your reply, haha. It seems I've gotten into the livejournal experience rather late. Here I am spazzing out reviews for great works whose creators probley haven't logged on for ages. XD Oh jeez.

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