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Of Booze and Cherry Trees


Jing :.靜.:
31 August


Twenty-something university student busy being buried alive in school by own volition. Sometime gamer, sometime writer, sometime fan-ish person (Okay, I lie. I fan obsessively over stuff. D:). Dabbling in a lot of Literature. Very confused about life because of said Literature.

Interested in pirates and piracy (the swashbuckling sort, I want nothing to do with your copyright battles). Sometimes enthusiastic One Piece flag-waver. Naruto and I have an on-off fling going on, depending on how stupid Sasuke is being in canon at any given moment. Under that same category of categorising interesting things, I welcome anything Minekura. ♥ These three are my forever fandoms. Occasionally, I find myself crawling shamefaced back to the k-pop fandom because glitter, glitz and pre-pubescent glory can be oddly alluring once every while.

I like candles, lanterns, beer, dried squid, and pillows. I also like feather quills despite my penmanship not being up to task.

Twang Twang Moar:
If you've come here looking for fic, they're hiding over at featheredcraft. There be the place where I constantly wrestle with html and eljay's new shitty post formatting to archive my fanwork. :D Fanwork will remain unlocked, so you can just pop by there whenever.

I (used to) mod the vistamihawk community; sadly, though, the comm is now dead, but we had our fun. :) Thank you to everyone who participated.

I don't really have a friending policy apart from, perhaps, wanting you to say something once in awhile if you've friended me. I de-friend without giving prior notice if I think we no longer have the same fandoms/topics to rave about. Most of the friends I have on this journal have been around for more than three years, and have weathered changes in fandoms and irl bullshit. If you don't mind sporadic posting/frequent fandom changes, by all means, drop a hello at this post and I'll friend you back. \o/

That said, welcome. ♥ Go frolic and make merry or whatever. \(* ^ *)/

**General Disclaimer: There are some icons I have that have no credit to them, but were not taken and used with the intention of passing them off to be mine. (Read: I fail massively at making icons.) If any of the original icon-makers would like credit to be given where due, please do not hesitate to send me a PM or comment on a random entry to let me know who you are. It won't be any trouble at all!

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